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We would be honored to have you as a client.  So if you think you have a case, please give The Law Office of Cesar Garcia a call and we’ll thoroughly review your case to see if we can offer you representation.  


Cesar Garcia - Attorney at LawThe Law Office of Cesar Garcia is owned and operated by attorney Cesar Garcia. At this law firm, we strive to provide you with the best possible legal representation. Our pledge to you is to be as honest and straightforward as possible about all the legal aspects of your case. We don’t filter our legal representation through commercial gimmicks or fancy slogans. Here, we walk you through the legal process concerning your case fully explaining each step along the way.

We also pride ourselves for our commitment to client communication. If you call The Law Office of Cesar Garcia and leave a message, our commitment to you is to call you back within 24 hours of leaving the message. Reliable communication and trust are the cornerstones of the attorney-client relationship.

We are available during the day via phone and email to address your concerns. Our Business Hours are listed on the website for your convenience. Picking a law firm can be a tough decision. I encourage you to explore this website and schedule a free consultation so we can have an opportunity to meet each other. I look forward to meeting you!

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Cesar Garcia is the owner and operator of The Law Office of Cesar Garcia, PLLC. He has lived in San Antonio for most of his life. After graduating from Antonian High School in San Antonio, Cesar Garcia attended the University of Texas at Austin earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. He then went to Texas State University – San Marcos for two years obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration. After finishing with graduate school, he attended St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio for three years graduating with a law degree.  Since that time, Cesar Garcia has been advocating for...

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